Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Evernote abandons C# in favor of C++

It’s with a feeling of “I knew it already” that I read this note, from 2010, where Evernote team abandons C# and rewrite the whole thing from scratch in C++. It’s not that C++ is a good language – it’s awful – but the point is that this whole managed code hype destroys any hopes of performance one may have. I’ve seen benchmarks comparing raw loops and things that doesn’t matter, when in fact the problem is the huge runtime needed for these programs to run, which slows everything down and eats a lot memory. The point is that managed programs, specially WPF stuff that Evernote used, just can’t beat native ones.

Technically, C# is a beautifully designed language, but in real world its programs are slow and sluggish. C++ is a horrible language, but being compiled directly to native code, generates optimized programs. Evernote guys just realized that.