Monday, September 22, 2014

Sony Vegas 13 sucks

I’m a long time Sony Vegas fan. My history with Sony goodies dates back to Acid Pro 3, when was still developed by Sonic Foundry, which had created a very intuitive interface and workflow. Sony bought Sonic Foundry and started migrating all the programs to .Net Framework crap, and quality began to suffer.

Sony Vegas was still usable up to version 12. Not exactly fast, but pretty usable. Testing out this version 13 – build 373 is the lastest at the moment I write this post –, I’m deeply disgusted to what they have done. Without any noticeable improvement, the interface has got a bit uglier, and everything, absolutely everything is slower. I dislike laptops, I have a desktop computer with quite powerful hardware components, and even though, the timeline elements became sluggish when reacting to the mouse, the video preview rendering is blurred and skipping frames, and any cross-fading is simply not viewable due to slowness. Among other oddities.

After some hours of headache, I simply removed this version and reinstalled the version 12 back. What a relief. No more Vegas 13 over here. I hope Vegas 14 can have more luck – although I doubt it.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Music Man JP comparison chart

It seems that John Petrucci doesn’t know what he wants, so he changes the specs of his signature guitar each year. There are way too many versions so far, and no single place where you can find all the specs together, so I compiled a comprehensive chart of all John Petrucci models with Ernie Ball Music Man.

Note: this chart doesn’t include the dozens of limited series that have been released, just the standard specs.

Model Year Body Neck Fingerboard Bridge PU Neck PU FB radius Frets
JP6 2000 Basswood Birdseye maple Rosewood Steve's Special Air Norton 15"
High, wide
h .047", w .104"
h 1.19, w 2.64mm
2005 D-Sonic
JP6 BFR 2007 Alder,
maple top,
mahogany block
Mahogany Rosewood or ebony
JP6 2009 Basswood Birdseye maple Rosewood Crunch Lab LiquiFire
JP6 BFR Alder,
maple top,
mahogany block
Mahogany Rosewood or ebony
JPX 2010 Chambered alder,
maple top,
mahogany block
Ebony Jumbo, wide
h .057", w .110"
h 1.45, w 2.79mm
JPXI 2011 Alder,
maple top,
mahogany block
Medium jumbo
h .051", w .108"
h 1.30, w 2.74mm
JP12 2012 Basswood,
maple top,
mahogany block
JP13 2013 Rosewood Illuminator Illuminator 17"
Majesty 2014 Mahogany, neck-thru Ebony
JP15 2015 Mahogany,
maple top
Roasted maple
JP16 2016 Basswood Roasted maple Smokey ebony Sonic Ecstasy Sonic Ecstasy

Other changes:

  • Compensated nut was introduced in early 2006.
  • Stainless steel frets debuted with the JPXI in January 2011, and later became standard on all JP models ordered since January 2012.
  • The rectangular tremolo base plate was introduced in August 2011.
  • In 2011 the piezo saddles changed for ones with lower output; because of this, the preamp was changed for one with a higher output to compensate.
  • The BFR logos (on the 12th fret) were retired from all models with the release of the JP13, in early 2013.
  • The JP16 has a Korean-made Floyd Rose bridge, and no piezo system.

The body shape changed with the BFR, and then again with the JPX, mainly on the right forearm rest and the horns, which became ever sleeker. Here are a comparison: