Friday, March 15, 2013

The best SRT editor for subtitles

After a couple months of work, it has just been published on CNet’s my newest program: SRTEd, a visual and portable editor to SRT files for Windows.

Basically, I decided to write this program because I had to edit some subtitles a while ago, in SRT format, and the available editors were quite tedious and painful to use. I somewhat got this insight of a more visual editor, and some time later I began writing it. The most important thing to “get the feel” is the use of the keyboard arrow keys to sync the subs. Left/right arrows move them, and when holding Shift key, change the duration. This makes the sync incredibly easy to do, visual.

Technically, the program is pure C-like C++ (that’s how I define my own C++ style) and native Win32, so it’s really light and fast. To video playback, it uses DirectX infrastructure. Moreover, SRTEd uses my own Win32 object-oriented library, which I plan to release as open source some day.

Here’s a getting started video:

CNet download link: SRTEd - SRT Subtitles Editor.

Update: I just received an e-mail from Softpedia, they published SRTEd on their site too.


Anonymous said...

Parabéns pelo programa!
Trabalho muito com legendas e o SRTEd
mostrou-se o mais eficiente programa para digitar e sincronizar legendas dentre os existentes.
Obrigado por disponibilizá-lo como freeware.
Um grande abraço e o meu muito obrigado,
Charles C. Jr.

Legendas que já enviei para o podem ser visualizadas no link:

luis said...

Parabéns pelo programa. É bastante útil. Obrigado por o disponibilizares.

Rob said...

I love it. I live it. I love it.

But there is one simple missing function that I really want: character counter! Please add this feature asap. /Rob.

Unknown said...

Hermoso vamos a trabajar con él
me intereza mucho el subsync
best regards

Anonymous said...

There is one missing, in case you have an SRT file downloaded which has an delay, its not possible to move more than one text at the same time, by milliseconds and seconds!

me said...

Yes, you can do this. Just select all subs, then you can move all them. I show how to do this on the video.

Van Allen Studio said...

Rodrigo - have you released the source to this? I'm looking for an SRT editor with a second text column, for rendering translated text. If you've open sourced this, that could save me some work. :)

me said...

Hi, I didn't release the source (yet). But I can take your suggestion on my to-do list. Can you explain it better?

Anonymous said...

While the contents of a subtitle can be altered, the Start and End times of a particular Subtitle
cannot be edited. Why so ?

Anonymous said...

Start and end times can be edited, dude... see the video.

Anonymous said...

Will you be adding loading of mp4 video capability anytime soon? That will really really be helpful :)

Jonah said...

It already does! The program can load any video format, as long as you have the proper codec. I use K-Lite Mega Codec Pack, you can open just about anything with it installed.

Anonymous said...

how can I change text code page? I would like to use CP for Central European character.

Anonymous said...

Rodrigo, can you add the possibility to open two subtitles (with corresponding timelines at the bottom) at the same time, for synchronize one using the other as reference? Thank you!

Dennis said...

I'll give it a try! Thanks for your work, much appreciated!