Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Dialog based Win32 programs

This is the kind of program I write most: C/C++, pure Win32 API, dialog box based. Over the years I developed a couple of handful routines that I believe to be pretty solid nowadays, since I use them without any modification for some years already, and they work flawlessly.

I decided to share this knowledge with everyone mainly because today I see a lot of .NET programs – or even worse, WPF – that most of the time they could have been written in good Win32, avoiding the huge amounts of bloating you have to carry with those “modern” libraries. I know C/C++ is not for everyone, pointers demand care, but I strongly believe that any respectable programmer should have a clear understanding of the C language. Otherwise, he’s just a script kiddie.

Modern languages with garbage collectors overprotect the programmers, much like those overprotective parents do with their children – and we all know these children become problematic, limited adults.

So stop being lazy and go learn C. And after you learn C, you can read my article on Win32 programming, that I published on CodeProject today.

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