Sunday, May 1, 2016

Git .gitignore file to Visual C++ 2015 Update 2

After upgrading my Visual C++ 2015 from Update 1 to Update 2, I noticed that a new file appeared in the root directory of the projects I was opening. The file was always named ProjectName.VC.db. Indeed according to the release notes, a new SQLite-based database engine is now being used by default, and that’s the file where the database is stored. The old file, named ProjectName.sdf is now unused and can be safely deleted.

The change also demanded an update on my .gitignore files to also ignore this new database file, and here it goes:
If you import and old .vssettings file, however, the option to use the new SQLite-based database can be rolled back to the old .sdf files. To manually change it, go to: Tools → Options → Text Editor → C/C++ → Advanced → Browsing/Navigation → Enable New Database Engine. Set it to “true”.