Thursday, August 8, 2013

Firefox 23 is slower than Firefox 22

In last June, I’ve been amazed with the Firefox 22 launching. It featured a new JavaScript engine called OdinMonkey, and particularly on Linux, the browser became really fast and smooth. The upgrade was instantly noticeable with Firebug, which became a lot more responsive.

Yesterday, however, Mozilla rolled out Firefox 23 – with a horrible new logo, without contrast and which looks blurry at small size. But mainly, to my dismay, right after upgrade, everything became slower. It felt like last year’s versions, with a sluggish performance, and essentially a pain to use. On Firebug, this is felt very strongly.

I forgot to backup my profile, but luckily the profile structure was not modified, and I was able to downgrade, download Firefox 22 again and removing this horrible Firefox 23, in the hope that they can fix it on the next version.

Update, Sep. 19:
I’ve just tested Firefox 24, and it seems to be even slower than 23. So, I’m still keeping Firefox 22.

Update, Nov. 7:
Apparently the slowness is fixed on Firefox 25, which I’m testing right now. Finally.

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