Friday, March 15, 2013

The best SRT editor for subtitles

After a couple months of work, it has just been published on CNet’s my newest program: SRTEd, a visual and portable editor to SRT files for Windows.

Basically, I decided to write this program because I had to edit some subtitles a while ago, in SRT format, and the available editors were quite tedious and painful to use. I somewhat got this insight of a more visual editor, and some time later I began writing it. The most important thing to “get the feel” is the use of the keyboard arrow keys to sync the subs. Left/right arrows move them, and when holding Shift key, change the duration. This makes the sync incredibly easy to do, visual.

Technically, the program is pure C-like C++ (that’s how I define my own C++ style) and native Win32, so it’s really light and fast. To video playback, it uses DirectX infrastructure. Moreover, SRTEd uses my own Win32 object-oriented library, which I plan to release as open source some day.

Here’s a getting started video:

CNet download link: SRTEd - SRT Subtitles Editor.

Update: I just received an e-mail from Softpedia, they published SRTEd on their site too.